Autumnal Wishlist & Coupon code

It has been a long time since I made a wishlist with products I’d love to have. Because autumn is FINALLY here, and even if it welcomed us with a crazy rain, we need to clean our closet, to take away all our summer clothes and make room for the autumn ones.

I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t give all her money on clothes – I love to think about a little bit, to see if I really need it and just after that to put it in the basket and press send. That’s why, at the end of the article you’ll find a coupon code which will make you pay less with 10% 🙂

At the moment, my 3 favorite pieces for this autumn are:

♦High neck Sweater – Here


♦ Black Backpack – here


♦ Flower Print Dress – Here


It’s hard to choose only 3 items. I did that based on my wishlist, on my necessities. I love dresses sooo much, but I only have a few in my wardrobe – most of them can only be wear in summer… The backpack saves you in any situation. It can be accesorised with that grey sweather or even with this dress, for a kind of bohochic look. You only need to put your imagination at work and buy things that can be combined in more than two ways – smart shopping I would say 🙂

Because we already said Bye summer, Rosegal invites us to shopping by giving us from 33% off at the summer collection – buy smart, just like I said – you can wear summer products even in winter, just like that dress – wear it with a pair of socks, black boots and a long cardigan and you’ll be as chic as a magazine model 🙂

-click here-

The coupon code which saves you 10% (after you already had a 33% off 😉 ) is RGEN. Use it smart!

10 thoughts on “Autumnal Wishlist & Coupon code

  1. Eu cu sigurantq ma voi bucura de cupon. Am nevoie de cateva sacouri. Sper doar sa ajunga repede. Cam in cat.timp crezi ca se primesc? Si vin la posta normala sau cea vamala?

    • Hm, depinde, ultima mea comanda facuta la ei pe site a ajuns cam in 3 saptamani, am fost si mirata caci mi s-a parut ca a ajuns rapid. A fost impachetata foarte bine si cred ca si de aceea a ajuns direct la Posta normala. Nici nu a fost nevoie sa o ridic de la posta, mi s-a adus direct la usa. Dar tine aici doar de noroc, zic eu. Caci pachete mai mici mi-au sosit la Posta Vamala. Eu oricum, de fiecare data cand fac o comanda, ma pregatesc psihic si pentru taxele vamale 🙂 Nu se stie niciodata..

  2. Imi plac alegerile tale, insa eu m-as inarma doar cu haine foarte,foarte groase!! Pentru mine toamna inseamna doar o mica perioada de timp pana ce vine iarna cea grea

  3. Hi Catalina,
    Indeed you’re sharing the useful posts for us. I also encourage people to use coupon code and discount before they shop anything. Following your blog for more coupon codes.

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