Dress – DressWe

“Just try to imagine the life of your dreams and the possibilities will never end”, those are the words I can hear in my mind when I see the photographies from my last look. It’s pretty strange to call it a look because you can be sure that I’m not walking the dog in the park dressed like that but once in a while we all deserve to feel a little bit more special than we already are. And that’s the moment when I decide to do things in a different way. My agenda is already full of ideas, plans and thoughts and one thing that I learned in this beautiful life is that we need a good start in life for being a little bit more positive and in a good mood – putting everything on a piece of paper. Like that you’ll be able to realise much better the points you already acomplished.

I’m sure you love my dress as much as I do and for the N time, DressWe makes me feel like a real princess. It’s such a good feeling!






Follow your dreams

PHOTOS by – Alexandru RANETE made with HUAWEI P9

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