Wishlist – Princess Edition

If you follow my blog for a long time, you probably know that I’m in love with long and elegant dresses. Even if I probably don’t have as many ocassions to wear them as I would like, I still love to buy them – you can never know when you’ll need one, right?

As a blogger, I try to be online as much as possible but it’s a hard work, especially when it can’t be a full time job (because, you know, in the other part of your life, you have a real full time job). When i finally have time to breath *haha, no, I don’t work as much as it appears* I take a cup of tea and start googling (is it even a word?!) about everything – have you ever tried to find something on internet, may be a song or a movie, and after a couple of hours to realise that you don’t even remember what you wanted to find?

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Atingerea soarelui


Deși suntem la jumătatea lunii august, în perioada de despărțire de cel mai adorat anotimp, am ținut neapărat să punctez câteva dintre produsele mele preferate, atât de necesare chiar și la început de toamnă. Oricât am încerca să o dăm întoarsă, vremea a luat-o razna, iar sfârșitul lunii august nu mai înseamnă de mult granița de la revedere a verii. Continue reading



Dress – DressWe

“Just try to imagine the life of your dreams and the possibilities will never end”, those are the words I can hear in my mind when I see the photographies from my last look. It’s pretty strange to call it a look because you can be sure that I’m not walking the dog in the park dressed like that but once in a while we all deserve to feel a little bit more special than we already are. And that’s the moment when I decide to do things in a different way. My agenda is already full of ideas, plans and thoughts and one thing that I learned in this beautiful life is that we need a good start in life for being a little bit more positive and in a good mood – putting everything on a piece of paper. Like that you’ll be able to realise much better the points you already acomplished.

I’m sure you love my dress as much as I do and for the N time, DressWe makes me feel like a real princess. It’s such a good feeling!


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